The Courthouse at Wilber was built in the year 1878 and continued to house the county offices until the spring of 1929 when it was razed to the ground, after the erection of the current Courthouse.

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The Saline County Courthouse is a modest, pleasing and imposing structure, designed and rendered in Carthage Stone as the suitable medium for portrayal of the Grecian-Doric motif in architecture.

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In 2008, discussions began in addressing maintenance and functionality issues with the 'chair-lift'. An elevator option for the Courthouse ensued, with talk of an Addition in 2011.

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RESURGENT - 2015 and beyond

Since 2008 we've been focusing efforts to provide updated accessibility to a historic building. We soon found that addressing a single issue at a time would, in effect, increase the cost of the next featured update if brought to completion individually.

Over time, the Saline County Board of Commissioners have heard ongoing concerns with a variety of issues presented in connection with the aging status of the Courthouse building; whether in need of repair, replacement, update or addition. Individually, these generalized matters of importance had in themselves their own cost-value determination.

As needs compiled, it became necessary to respond to several of these issues in short order. Combining multiple areas of concern into one project provided a controlled response to each subject, yet kept the engagement of additional and future expectations in discussion. Folding all aspects into one project accomplished each stated goal, yet eliminated the prospect of duplicating some public funds when responding to each element in part. (Plan Outline...)

Construction Activity

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Over the past year, the topic of the Courthouse Addition had been discussed and many questions asked regarding the purpose, plan and advancement of a decision to construct this Addition onto the historic Saline County Courthouse in Wilber. Perhaps you've shared similar questions listed here.

Addition Nearing Completion

March 17, 2017 - A great degree of planning, time, talent, effort and manpower have brought together the near completion of the Addition to the Saline County Courthouse here in Wilber, NE. Cheever Construction Company of Lincoln, NE, along with the Saline County Board of Commissioners and Berrgren Architects have communicated and orchestrated the progress with remarkable efficiency. More here...